Frequently Asked Questions

How does Safety Map's process work - what are the steps?

Well, we start by getting your floorplans(either CAD files, scanned blueprints or drawings) placed into our software. We redraw your plans using color to highlight the hallways and exits while at the same time simplifying and clarifying your facility plans. We clearly show all walls, doors and exits and then send a first draft to you for review. With this review we ask for you to verify the accuracy of the drawing and make all corrections and revisions. We customize each of our maps and ask for your input on what icons you would like to add(most include fire extinguishers and pull stations) this varies depending on the type of facility that you have. We work with you to determine the posting locations for the maps and their evacuation routes. You then send back the revised file and we make all the revisions and additions and then send you a final proof for approval. Once approved the final digital files are sent to you unless you choose to have Safety Map print, laminate or frame your maps.

What's the difference between a map and a posting?

Safety Map considers a map as one floor of one building and a posting as one copy of that map with a unique U-R-Here bubble and evacuation route.

How many postings do I need?

We provide up to ten postings for each map created, which is usually more than are needed on a single floor. Additional postings can be purchased if your facility needs more than the ten included postings.

Where should the maps be posted?

Your completed Safety Maps should be posted throughout each floor of your facility. Some of the more common posting locations include: residence hall and classroom doors, elevator lobbies, exit stairwells, in the break room, conference rooms and anywhere that evacuation routing clarifications are necessary.

What is the difference between a door map and an evacuation map?

Safety Maps are all evacuation maps - the door maps are formatted to fit, and to be posted, on the back of each door in a University or College residence hall or Hotel room door. Door maps include evacuation instructions along with the graphic map to help clarify what should be done in various emergency situations. Our evacuation maps show a larger map which direct the viewer to exit out the closest building exit.

What does the price include?

The price includes the digital delivery of evacuation maps with up to ten postings or copies - each with it's own U-R-Here bubble and evacuation routing arrow.

What kind of framing should I use and how are they put up?

Framing is a personal decision that depends on the location for mounting the maps and the facility that they are hung in. For schools, where there is a higher incidence of the maps being tampered with, we suggest either laminating the maps and hanging them with double stick tape or framing them with subsurface printing on plexiglass or our acrylic frames using one way screws.

Does Safety Map install the maps?

Safety Map does not install the maps.

What kind of icons are there and which should I use on the maps?

We have a large icon library (too many to list) and we are able to create new icons when the need arises. Which icons are used is based on what your facility has on site. With most office buildings the icons used would include fire extinguishers, fire pull stations and first aid. We have icons for emergency response as well as for hazards on-site.

What if I only have large blueprints?

We suggest taking your large blueprints or plans down to the local Kinkos or other copy center and have them scan them in. Now you have a digital file that can be emailed to us for starting your project.

How do I get a price quote?

First fill out our estimate form including your name and contact information. Next tell us how many buildings, floors, and doors(if including door maps), that you have. If you have floorplans available please email them to Once your submission is received we will get a proposal right out to you.

I'm ready to start - What next?

Next, sign your proposal and email it back to us. Arrange for payment of the deposit - we can accept your credit card or paypal for payment, or mail your check to :
Safety Map
P O Box 60260
Santa Barbara, CA 93160

Send digital files of your floorplans, including locations of icons, and map postings. Include a digital file for your company or school logo. We will get your job started and be in touch with you about when you can expect the first drafts.